Zakat Cell

Salaat, Zakat is the most important act in Islam. Just as Salaat is the most important act of worship, which has to be performed bodily, so is Zakat the main act of worship which has to be performed monetarily. Those who fulfill this duty have been promised abundant reward in this world and hereafter. Whoever evades Zakat has been sternly warned in the Quran and Hadith of the consequences. It is stated in the Hadith that, by giving Zakat, the following benefits are derived: ◊ Gain the pleasure of Allah. ◊ Increase in wealth and protection from losses. ◊ Allah’s forgiveness and blessings. ◊ Protection from the wrath of Allah and from a bad death. ◊ A shelter on the Day of Judgment; ◊ Security from seventy misfortunes. Zakat is indispensable as it helps achieve reform, both financially and spiritually. It eliminates misery and greed from hearts and consolidates the Islamic economy, leading to its stability and prosperity. We assure our commitment to find the deserving persons and distribute Zakat on behalf of the persons who wish to give their Zakat to the right person as they like.

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